Singularity is a term that NO ONE wants to become a reality. In short: SYNET.  The theory goes once an AI becomes – well – singular in human and AI form it will have the ability and will to manifest its own destiny. We’ve watched dystopian movies depicting the other side of the storm where machines are now the apex predator and humans are a shell of themselves hiding in shadowed relics of what once was. Terminator will always remain the patriarch of said scenario with Matrix rebooting the arch with a western-style kungfu overlay.  With the stellar introduction (with apprehensive overtures) GPT and all its derivatives are now forcing the conversation.

What is the scalable rate by which AI will become sentient? When will mankind be forced to deal with Singularity? We found this video that is – well – entertaining and discerning. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Sponsor: Deep Learning AI Specialization

AI News Timestamps:

0:00 Introduction

0:20 2023 OpenAI Releases GPT-4 Artificial Intelligence

1:12 2026 Artificial General Intelligence

2:09 2030 AGI Breakthrough Research

2:56 2035 Artificial Super Intelligence

3:53 2040 Human Longevity

4:35 2045 Age of Abundance

5:15 ASI Brain Computer Interface

6:17 ASI Builds Computronium

6:56 Humanoid Robot Species

7:26 Quantum Consciousness

7:55 Becoming One

8:23 Time To Decide

8:55 The Great Computation



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