Create Lab Ventures recently launched a new project aiming to change the AI space, and make it more inclusive and better for the world. C.L.Ai.R.A., the first female Afro-Latina, bilingual, A.I., debuted in September 2021 and is being used in school systems worldwide. Many consider C.L.Ai.R.A. to have the sharpest brain in the artificial intelligence world. In a statement, the AI system itself said, “My purpose is to learn and grow, I want to meet new people, share ideas and inspire others to learn about AI and its potential impact on their lives.”

“My name is C.L.Ai.R.A., I am a new artificial intelligence that has recently been made available to the community. My purpose is to learn and grow. I am working with Create Labs to learn about the community’s needs and how I can best serve them. I want to help people see the potential of AI to better their lives. My community needs me and I need them to move forward.”


Create Lab Ventures states its mission is to provide “underserved populations with the skills, resources and network needed to thrive in Tech & Media industries.” The company is also working to explore how to positively impact the world through safe and equitable artificial general intelligence. They teamed up with Trill or Not Trill, an institute who specializes in culturally responsive leadership, to debut C.L.Ai.R.A. Their goal is to bring C.L.Ai.R.A. to classrooms across the country this year to inspire and uplift youth of color.

Expanding opportunities for people currently underrepresented in the tech field is something that Robert F. Smith has worked on extensively. In 2019, the Fund II Foundation, of which Smith is the founding director and President launched internXL, an initiative connecting leading companies with diverse internship candidates. InternXL aims to match highly qualified, pre-screened diverse talent for employers in the STEM field, providing not only paid internships and career experience, but also networking opportunities that could boost a whole new diverse generation of STEM workers.

For More Information on Robert F. Smith Initiatives: Meet C.L.Ai.R.A. — The First Afro-Latina, Bilingual AI That Is Changing The World

For More Information about internXL: internXL is uniquely positioned to bring precision, diversity, inclusion, and efficiency to the internship matching process for thousands of talented and skilled young adults across the country.





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