This can’t be the same Metaverse that had Meta lay of two scoops of its employees right? Not the one that Mark Zukerberg bet his nest egg on? Nope, I’m not buying it for a second.  But who am I? Let’s leave the valuation models to the experts at McKinsey & Company for further insight.

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The term “*techceleration” comes to mind when attempting to locate the sweet spot for a successful Metaverse consumer adoption:

  1. devices (augmented reality/virtual reality, sensors, haptics, and peripherals)
  2. interoperability and open standards
  3. facilitating platforms
  4. development tools.

*Techceleration means that change is occurring at an increasingly fast pace due to technological advancements.

However, the success of the metaverse is weighed by a greater focus on maximizing the human experience aimed at delivering positive experiences for consumers, end-users and citizens.

“The metaverse is simply too big to be ignored,” the report says, highlighting the impact it couhave on commercial and personal lives. McKinsey estimated that over 50% of live events could be held in the metaverse by 2030, potentially generating up to $5 trillion in value.

Metaverse impact by 2030. Source: McKinsey & Company

The metaverse is also well positioned to host modern-day romantics, with one-third of surveyed singles showing interest in dating in the virtual world, according to a recent survey conducted by The online matchmaking platform said:

“With advancements in dating app technology and the metaverse, more daters are open to making connections that span different cities, countries and even continents.”

With that being said, soon we will be setting up potential dates on the Moon…or at least in space.  Stay tuned.

Source: Metaverse to possibly create $5T in value by 2030: McKinsey report



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