Over the last 10 years, one of the gospels I’ve preached within my client circles is owning your ideas. To have the ability to brand and commercialize a name or idea is one of the fundamental pillars that this country was founded on.  Once you realize the potential of your brand, you become the pilot of your destiny.

With the mercurial rise of social media and the ability to customize and produce products at an unprecedented pace, the landscape of ownership has changed. Our vision is to make your life easier and more sustainable by providing you with a strategy that is sound and long term.  We want to engage you with a long term agenda that is adequate to the value of your brand and ideas.

Over one of our drawn out brainstorm phone conversations about six years ago my business partner and I were brainstorming on a coupe of ideas via phone.  Once again, I went on one of my “all over the place” segues into videos that I watched on YouTube that caught my attention.

The topic: Intellectual Property.  One of our trademarks just passed out of the USPTO Gazette and was now being tracked to be our first most prominent mark.  I was mentioning how folks need to really understand the value of their intellectual property but unfortunately they do not fully understand the process.  Secondarily, one only has to conduct a search on the USPTO TESS database and count all the abandoned or dead trademarks that were filed – it was clear that the diligence was not thoroughly considered.

[begin conversation]

Me: Say speaking of which have you seen the Ball Brothers play.

Dennis: Nope…who are they..wait maybe…those dudes out in Cali

Me: Yeah, man they are bananas.  The way the team play is like nothing I’ve every seen. One of them is headed to UCLA and then – as his father puts it – to the Lakers.  As in he will not play for anyone but the Lakers.  His father is out there but I think he is on the right track.

Dennis: How so?

Me: Well according to rumor, he is starting a brand in his sons name and is coming out with a line of athletic gear and sneakers

Dennis: Wait, so they are still in High School? Is that legal

Me: Well technically yes. For now it would have to be in the father’s name but the sons can file their names and begin to protect their brand right now so yeah…and to be honest, more parents need to push for that market.

Dennis: Let me look into it…send the link and we can circle back.


[2 months later and successful filings later…]

Dennis: I have an idea Rob: MyIp.  We can launch a platform that bundles all the services for parents of amateur athletes and even beyond that scope and provide a strategical pipeline on how they can protect and commercialize their brand.  We are talking about complete – legal – autonomy.

Me: Bingo…and you you know the BBB kicks are going for 499 a pair right? Do you think folks will purchase them?

Dennis: Well I wouldn’t but I am sure someone will.  Besides, the fact that they own all aspects of the pipeline they in theory will not have to sell as many to benefit from the ROI.

Me: Let’s Go!

[end conversation]


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  1. Applicist 7 years ago

    Good Job!

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