Reliant, one of the country’s largest providers and an early mover in the category when it comes to using sports assets, has lately built up the most potent collection of sports IP in the category. With the state of Texas deregulated before most markets, Reliant put its name on the Houston Texans’ home stadium in 2000 for a then-record $300 million.

More recently, with the emergence of NRG as its parent brand and the slow unfolding of deregulation across the country, the company has fashioned an unwired network of NFL deals with some of the league’s most high-profile teams: the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Jets and their new stadium, the New England Patriots, and a 20-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles that we’re told will be

NRG’s presence at FedEx Field includes solar panels and the “Solar Man” sculpture (top) and vehicle charging stations.
Photos by: NRG completed soon. If you are keeping score in football terms, that’s all of the NFC East, half of the AFC East, and both participants in Super Bowl XLVI.

With NRG as a new corporate moniker, the NFL team deals help with branding, even with Reliant and its other brands, like Green Mountain Energy, still in the market. What’s also fascinating about the deals is that they are or will be an amalgam of traditional sponsorship assets and physical build-outs, including solar-powered electric-vehicle charging stations, thousands of solar panels and, eventually, wind turbines.

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