The NBA is more competitive and popular than ever with the Golden State Warriors wearing the crown as reigning champions. This is well deserved. They have the most highly functional – popular – athletes in the world due to the nature of the game. As teams adapt to new innovations, better nutrition, and high-end preparation to secure their rank, in the shadows a novelty is in training. Faster…Stronger…with a high level IQ for the game. Rumor has it this player has been in the lab training off-season in anticipation for that one Golden Opportunity. The league’s first AI-Generated Player under contract…

In the near future, the NBA begins to experiment with AI Labor Negotiations as contracts become more complex.  The idea of “smart ideation derivatives” are now becoming mainstream where individual players are able to negotiate “quantum contracts” under the collective NBA brand but with the utility of an autonomous licensing agreement.  This is due to AI and Blockchain iterations beginning to evaluate players on a 24/7 hour basis as they navigate between physical reality and metaverse(s).  This 24/7 cycle causes the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) to use massive data algorithms that exceed the capabilities of a “Human Commissioner”.  The players agree that the leagues “governance” requires an additioanal cog to assist the “Human Commisioner”.  This also allows for the players to have 24/7 access to their “Player Asset Echange” valuation thus acting as a autonomous asset within the system.


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