Looks like the Metaverse has been rejuvenated for “future” membership.  The company Futureverse has taken the initiative to merge 8 Web3 companies in hopes of consolidating their business models.  This in return will allow for users to easily navigate all eight platforms without having to register for multiple accounts.  Recently, the press has not been kind to Mark Zuckerberg and his colossal Metaverse vision.  Will Futureverse lead the way for a more dedicated strategy?

The goal is to create a single collaborative metaverse ecosystem with the united goal of improving the Web3 and open metaverse experience. Aside from Animoca Brands, this is the first I’ve seen of anyone executing a rollup strategy involving both the metaverse and Web3.

Official Futureverse Trailer from Futureverse on Vimeo.

Futureverse’s Great Merge

  • Altered State Machine, leading AI protocol for AI powered metaverse and game characters and content.
  • Non-Fungible Labs, creative and engineering studio, designer of ecosystem avatars and world environments (including FLUF World) DOT, Dynamic Object Transformer 3D programmatic avatar and asset creation software.
  • Sylo, developer of the Sylo protocol, decentralized communications for the metaverse powered by The Seekers gamified node infrastructure.
  • Centrapay, digital asset payments SDK, enabling Web3 payments in popular global payments networks.
  • Centrapass, developer of the decentralized digital identity protocol/SDK and decentralized asset custody protocol.
  • Immersve, a multi-chain payment protocol and web3 / metaverse Mastercard product that bridges web3 and metaverse infrastructure with the Mastercard network.
  • Shadows Interactive, a Los Angeles-based Animation Studio and creator of the Party Bear collection.
  • Altered Phoenix, a gaming studio with experience developing gaming titles covering a range of genres and platforms.

Futureverse has already amassed an expansive cultural footprint both within the Web3 space and beyond, through strategic partnerships and a variety of projects with the following talent and companies: FIFA, Warner Music Group, Authentic Brands Group, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, with more to be announced soon.

The Futureverse content includes the newly announced FIFA AI League, an AI football game; Muhammad Ali: The Next Legends, an AI boxing game; FLUF World, a metaverse ecosystem of character collectibles. It’s a global, creative community that includes the popular collections of Flufs, Party Bears, Thingies, Burrows, ATEM Car Club, AIFA All-Stars, ASM Genesis Brains, Dr. Grordborts: Rayguns and The Seekers.


For more on Futureverse’s alliances: Futureverse merges 8 Web3 companies to create an open metaverse ecosystem


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