Théâtre D’opéra Spatial by Jason Allen // 1st Place

His winning entry “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” was made using Midjourney, an artificial intelligence system that enables images to be created simply by inputting a few text prompts – for example “an astronaut riding a horse”.

Many artists were furious, but Mr Allen was unmoved: “It’s over. A.I. won. Humans lost”, he told the paper.

Mr Allen earned just $300 (£262) from the contest, but the news struck a tender nerve.

He suggests they find opportunities using the new technology: “This is a sector that’s going to grow massively. Make money from this sector if you want to make money, it’ll be far more fun”.

AI Generated LOAB / @supercomposite / Twitter

Some artists were already fearful that a new breed of AI image generator could take their jobs, and take a free ride on the years spent learning their craft.

“This thing wants our jobs, it’s actively anti-artist”, wrote California-based movie and game concept artist RJ Palmer in a Tweet liked more than 25,000 times.


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